Monday, November 2, 2009


HO-REN-SO is a term for expressing the importance of good communication in business world. This is to develop communication skills among managements or superior, colleagues and subordinates.
HO-REN-SO is an abbreviation based on three Japanese words:

Hokoku : Report
Renraku : Contact / Inform
Sodan    : Consult

A) Hokoku (Report)
Report on what was instructed.
Report = Responsibility + Spontaneous Action

Main Report:
1) Final Report
2) Interim Report / Progress Report

Sub Report:
1) Trouble Report
2) Changing Report
3) Information Report

B) Renraku (Contact / Inform)
Inform the related people the contents of the work which was instructed by superior.

The information types:
1) To the people who are in the same section
2) To the people who are in the other section
3) To the customer

C) Sodan (Consult)
If facing problem on judgement of the work, please get an advice and hints from superior to settle the problem.

The consultation steps:
1) Consideration and timing
2) Preparation before consultation
3) Effectiveness of consultation

The Procedure of Job (PDCA Circle):
1) Receive and instruction from superior
2) Make a PLAN
3) DO the plan
4) CHECK the process of the plan
5) Take an ACTION
6) After the action, report (Hokoku) to the superior

Conclusion, although HORENSO is more familiar with good communication in business world, but for me, this communication skills also can be applied in another activities which involves teamwork.

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