Thursday, November 12, 2009


Glaucoma is a condition caused by pressure within the eyeball. It is a disease that can eventually rob you of your vision. While the vitamins and herbs listed in this article will not cure you from an attack of glaucoma completely, they may be able to improve the damaging side effects.


Things You Need:
1) Vitamin C
2) Magnesium
3) Ginkgo Biloba
4) Bilberry

How to improve glaucoma with vitamins and herbs?

1) Step 1
Take Vitamin C as Vitamin C is regarded as a "cure all vitamin". Studies show that by taking a minimal amount of 2 grams of vitamin c a day greatly reduces the pressure in the eyeball. Doctors who specialize in treating glaucoma patients often suggest taking 20 grams of vitamin c daily to aid in the continual reduction of eyeball pressure.

2) Step 2
Take Magnesium. The job of magnesium is to dilate blood vessels. Because of that fact, magnesium is given to glaucoma patients in effort to help improve their vision.

3) Step 3
Take Ginkgo Biloba. Ginkgo biloba is an herb that creates many beneficial effects by regulating blood flow throughout the body. Taking at least 40 mg three times a day can significantly improve the damage caused to glaucoma patients.

4) Step 4
Take Bilberry. Bilberry is an herb that is excellent for the care and improvement of a variety of vision problems, including glaucoma. Taking bilberry will improve the circulation in your body, by improving the circulation, the effects of glaucoma may improve as well.

5) Step 5
Avoid eye stress. When taking medications, vitamins and herbs in effort to improve visual damage caused by glaucoma, avoid stressing your eyes in certain activities. Do not prolong reading, television watching or computer work and stay away from cigarette smoke.

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